Composite Bonding

If you’re embarrassed about your smile because of decay or dark fillings in your teeth, you may be a good candidate for composite bonding resins. A silicon dioxide-filled, tooth-colored plastic mixture, dental bonding resins can restore teeth to an attractive, healthy state.

Composite bonding resins represent several advantages over traditional silver or amalgam fillings. Composite bonding can be used on your front teeth and can be used to achieve beautiful results in the hands of an aesthetically trained dentist such as Dr. Carolyn Correll.

More Natural Look, Long Lasting Results

One of the biggest advantages of composite bonding is that we can blend and mix shades to find the perfect color to match your natural teeth. This means only you and your dentist will know you have fillings.

In many cases dental bonding is a better option for your tooth. The tooth/composite bond actually supports the remaining tooth structure, helping to prevent breakage and insulating against temperature changes. Best of all, composite bonding resins allow us to keep more of your natural tooth structure intact than amalgams. We believe in conservative dentistry – the more natural tooth structure you keep, the better teeth you’ll likely have in the future.

We also caution our patients that coffee, tea, and other staining foods and beverages may discolor your dental bonding composites.

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Are you a candidate for composite tooth bonding? The time to find out is now. In just a short time, you could be on your way to a more natural looking smile with long lasting results. Please contact Carmel Professional Dentistry in South Charlotte to learn more about composite dental bonding!