Comprehensive Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental examination is much more than a simple checkup. A comprehensive dental exam is a thorough, complete, and detailed look at the current state of your oral health. It isn’t the first 10 minutes of your dental visit – it IS your dental visit.

At Carmel Professional Dentistry, we feel this type of thorough dental exam is necessary to get the true picture of your teeth, gums, and your overall oral health. In medicine we say, “The mouth is the window to the entire body.” During a routine dental exam we can often detect various systemic issues that may be affecting the entire body. The quality of your overall health is dependent upon the health of your mouth.

Details of Dental Exams

At Carmel Professional Dentistry in South Charlotte, your thorough dental exam will include:

  • A periodontal exam (gums and bones that support your teeth)
  • A dental exam
  • A head and neck cancer exam
  • A TMJ and occlusal exam (analyzing your jaw joints and bite pattern)
  • A radiographic exam (including x-rays and other scans)
  • An aesthetic exam (judging the appearance of your teeth and gums in relation to your facial structure)

When You Should Have a Dental Examination

Most dentists recommend a thorough dental examination two times a year for all their patients, including when:

  • Any major treatment is planned
  • You are considering aesthetic changes to your smile
  • You are looking into implants to replace lost teeth
  • You have existing crowns or bridges that you want to update
  • You are getting fitted for dentures
  • Any time you have been diagnosed with a condition or disease that may have dental implications

To schedule a comprehensive dental exam in our Ballantyne office, contact us today!