Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening, sometimes called passive teeth whitening, is a very effective and virtually pain free way to brighten your smile.

The first step in this process is to make an impression of your mouth which will then be used to make a mold of your teeth. This mold is used to make custom whitening trays that precisely and comfortably fit your teeth. It is important that these trays always fit snugly and comfortably without binding on your gums. If you cannot wear the trays comfortably, please inform us immediately so we can make the proper adjustments to your trays.

Teeth Whitening in the Comfort of Your Home!

Instructions for how to use your teeth whitening trays at home:

  • Before inserting your trays, make sure to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Place a thin line of gel in the bottom of the tray towards the front part of each tooth.
  • Place the tray in your mouth making sure to smooth the gel in an upwards direction.
  • Wipe any excess gel off of your gums with a tissue.

You should wear the teeth whitening trays for a minimum of three to four hours daily, and preferably overnight. We recommend that you do not eat or drink while wearing your whitening trays. After completing your daily treatment, brush your teeth and rinse the trays thoroughly. Your trays should be stored in the case provided until your next treatment.

Pay Attention to the Signals Your Teeth Send You

We encourage you to wear your teeth whitening trays daily to achieve optimum results. In isolated cases, this may cause a slight irritation of your gums and/or sensitivity of your teeth. If irritation of your gums occurs, it is most likely due to excess gel on the gum tissue. Make sure you are always removing any excess gel. An abundant amount of gel is usually a good indication that you are overloading your trays. If irritation persists, discontinue treatment and contact Carmel Professional Dentistry.

If you experience any tooth sensitivity, you may want to reduce the amount of time you are wearing the whitening trays. If this does not help and you are still experiencing sensitivity, please contact our office.

Depending on how long and how often you wear your teeth whitening trays, you should see significant improvements in the shade of your teeth in approximately ten to fourteen days, depending on how long and how often you wear your teeth whitening trays. We ask that you return to the office after one week of whitening so that we may monitor and check your progress.

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Consultation Today!

Many of our patients have experienced dramatic and satisfying results with cosmetic teeth whitening, and we believe you can enjoy similar results. If you believe teeth whitening may be for you, please contact Carmel Professional Dentistry today to schedule a consultation!

How much does whitening cost?

Whitening costs $300.00. That includes the trays and your first set of whitening gel. After that, the gel costs $45.00.

Does insurance cover whitening?

More often than not, insurance will not cover whitening. It is considered a cosmetic service.

How long does it last once I’m done?

It all depends on how often you do touch ups. We recommend doing a touch up once every six months.

Does whitening damage your teeth?

No, whitening does not damage your teeth.

How does it work?

When you come in for your appointment, one of the hygienists, or dental assistants, will take impressions of your teeth. From those impressions, they will make the trays. Using the whitening gel that we supply, you will put a pea sized drop of gel into each individual tooth in the tray. You wear them for an hour or two every day for two weeks, or until you’re satisfied with the color. If you have sensitive teeth, you can wear them for a half hour every other day.